GS1 Grades

The TIPP Guideline provides a standard means to express performance requirements and a standard test methodology, to verify the performance of a tagged item. By specifying performance requirements in a standard manner for tagged items, performance can be verified independently by retailers, suppliers or any 3rd party.

TIPP outlines a standard set of performance grades for supplier’s to consider for their tagged items, once they have received their tagged item grade requirement from their retailers. It goes on to provide a test methodology, including tag placement when testing, for verifying a given grade meets a supplier’s specific tagged item. More information about TIPP can be found at

Pre-Approved Inlays

The following is a list of pre-approved inlays for retailers working with ARC. The Pre-approved inlays are generated by testing inlays on product samples selected from the product category. Please choose a product type below to view the pre-approved inlays. Please note that the pre-approved inlays for each grade can be different depending on the product type selected.

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