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ARC provides information and lists to Suppliers of approved RFID tags and tagging practices. ARC also provides information on tagging practices to ensure value within the supplier’s own operations before shipping tagged product to retailers.

Approved Inlay Lists
Below are the current published Approved Inlay Lists. To find the Spec corresponding to your product, please contact your retailer's RFID program or ARC directly.

ARC Enrolled Inlays

Spec A

Spec B

Spec C

Spec D

Spec F

Spec G

Spec I

Spec K

Spec M

Spec N

Spec Q

These Approved Inlay Lists are generated based on inlays benchmark tested at the ARC Center against respective Tagged Category Performance Specifications. Tagged Category Performance Specifications are the detailed performance threshold requirements inlays must meet in order to ensure tagged product performs in the retail supply chain. These specifications are developed based on use case information gathered from multiple retailers. Inlay Manufacturers interested in detailed performance requirements can contact ARC to receive a copy of the Tagged Category Performance specifications, Testing Methodology and Testing Equipment documents.

GS1 Grades

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