Watch videos about all aspects of RFID technology, the RFID Lab at Auburn University and more.

Baby vs. Barcode

RFID is so easy a baby can do it? Well, you'll see in our latest video showcasing the difference between RFID scanning and barcode scanning.

2016 Year in Review

Justin Patton, Auburn RFID Lab Director, discusses some recent news in the world of RFID and also looks back on some of the work done at the Auburn RFID Lab in 2016.

Auburn RFID Lab: Anechoic Chamber 360

To fully view in 360, use the YouTube mobile app or a browser that supports 360 playback. Watch as Marissa Chavers, a student from the RFID Lab, explains how the lab's one of a kind anechoic chamber is used in the ARC Program.

How Accurate Is RFID?

Justin Patton, Auburn University RFID Lab Director, explains how RFID is changing accuracy in counting for both suppliers and retailers.

How Are Retail Stores Changing?

Justin Patton, Director of Auburn University RFID Lab, explains the changing world of retail supply chain. Retailers now realize that they have mini warehouses all over and ship products to customers from the closest store.

What Is RFID?

Justin Patton, Auburn University RFID Lab Director, discusses what exactly radio frequency identification (RFID) is and how it is prevalent in your daily life.

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