ARC Program

The purpose of the ARC program is to ensure that Retail Suppliers are able to deliver RFID tagged product to Retailers that meet or exceed the levels of performance necessary to provide benefit to both the Retailer and the Retail Supplier in a consistent and cost effective manner.

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  1. Retailers

    ARC helps create technical and tagging profiles of RFID Use Cases.

  2. Retail Suppliers

    ARC provides information and lists to Retail Suppliers of approved RFID tags and tagging practices.

  3. Inlay Manufactures

    ARC provides a single, open benchmark testing facility where tags are tested to published testing standards.

ARC Testing

ARC is a test system and database that stores comprehensive performance data of in-development and market available RFID tags.

ARC has been working with Retailers to translate RFID use cases into specific levels of performance in the ARC test environment (ARC Chamber).

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Research Papers

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