How many product categories has ARC worked with?
To date, ARC has worked with more than 30 product categories. Most are in the retail, aviation, and manufacturing sector.

End Users
Does ARC use a proprietary method to develop the RF performance requirements?
No. ARC uses open source methods. We are planning to make the source available on the web soon, but until then, you can request the documents via email
Why should I generate a Spec?

A Spec enables you to share your performance requirement with retail suppliers and inlay manufacturers.

It provides a scalable and reliable way to verify inlay performance against your performance requirement without having to extensively test every inlay on the market in your use case.

It enables innovation from the inlay manufacturing community. They use Specs to build better products that meet your performance requirement.

Does ARC ensure inlay quality?
The current ARC program ensures inlay quality indirectly by requiring inlays to be submitted for measurements in large quantities on continuous rolls. We are developing an addition to the ARC program that focuses on quality. The ARC quality program will be released in spring of 2016.

Retail Suppliers